7 Reasons why you should get a pedicure
  • Keeping your feet clean and healthy: Feet are that part of the body which are greatly exposed to dust from the ground. Over time dirt accumulates in your toes, making it a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This increases your chances of contracting an infection. A pedicure cleans all the dirt to keep your toes risk free.
  • Keeping your skin moisturized: Nobody prefers dry skin. And they have reasons for it too; dry skin is itchy and rough. It also looks unhealthy. The key to having a good skin is moisturization. Moisturization revitalizes your skin making it look flawless. A pedicure can improve your skin by moisturizing it well and leaving you with healthy toes. It prevents your skin from developing cracks and blisters. Your cuticles are also well taken care of in a
  • It exfoliates your feet: Our body shed dead skin cells continuously. These dead skin accumulate on top of the epidermis making it difficult for your skin to breathe. The lack of exfoliation can cause bunions and feet corns in your body, which is undoubtedly painful. During a pedicure, the nail technician will exfoliate your feet that will encourage the growth of new cells making your toes and heels smoother and healthier. Thus get a pedicure once in awhile to keep your skin clear of dead skin.
  • Improves blood circulation: Perhaps the best part of a pedicure from a nail salon is the foot massage. It counters the tension that builds up in your feet and calves. The massage also helps your feet by improving the blood circulation along with reducing pain and spreading the heat throughout the body evenly. This not only helps your feet but also improves the overall health of your body.
  • Removes the calluses: Calluses are formed when you expose your feet towards hard surfaces. The friction thus created makes your skin rough and leads to calluses. A pedicure is effective in removing the calluses and making your skin even and soft.

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