Ymelda Winklaar

Hair Stylist
Born in Venezuela, lived and worked in Venezuela, Panama and Cuaracao.
Ymelda has been working in the beauty industry as a hair stylist since a very young age (30 years & up).
She loves to blow dry hair and loves to do different haircuts for men and women.
She has worked in various Beauty salons and also in various barbershops.
Ymelda truly enjoys eating, drinking coffee and going to the beach.
Her favorite slogan: He who perseveres wins!

Good afternoon. I am super happy with how my nails look and how my wound was treated. Now my feet look nice again.

Jayseline, Aruba

Thank you for the nails. I love them so much. 🥰

Nisha, Aruba

Tremendous service. The new location looks super nice. Happy Me 🙂

Beverly, Aruba
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